Why Mitt Romney Should Not Run for Senate

Why Mitt Shouldn’t Run

The Senate would benefit from Romney; he wouldn’t benefit from being in the Senate.

By Katie Packer Beeson, Contributing Editor for Opinion | Jan. 5, 2018, at 10:10 a.m.


I’m pretty down on Washington, D.C. these days. It is a place that has lost its luster and prestige for me. It’s full of egos and agendas and political calculations which dictate behavior far more than integrity, character and moral leadership do. That’s why the U.S. Senate could use someone like Mitt Romney.

I know that Mitt Romney has his detractors, but almost to a person, they are people who don’t know him very well. Those that know him, almost to a person, hold him in the highest esteem. They view him as a person of character, integrity and principle. They know him to be well read, well educated and wise. They look at him and they see a leader.

So well-liked is he that Utah Lt. Governor Spencer Cox, a rising star who had been considered a potential candidate for U.S. Senate, tweeted out that “If I was running against Mitt, I would vote for Mitt.” Wow. You don’t hear that in politics very often. Or ever.

I had the privilege of working on two presidential campaigns for Romney. After seven years of working for him, I admired him even more than when we first met. That isn’t the case for most of the politicians I’ve worked for. I spent hours, even days and weeks, on planes and buses with Mitt and Ann and their children and grandchildren. Even at the end of an exhausting day, he was unfailingly polite, courteous and generous with those around him. He is devoted to his family and they to him.

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