What Makes a Country a ‘Shithole,’ to Use President Trump’s Phrase?

Every Country Is a Shithole. Every Country Is Great.

What Trump doesn’t understand is that countries are no better or worse than their people.

By Katie Packer Beeson, Contributing Editor for Opinion | Jan. 18, 2018, at 7:00 a.m.

What makes a country a shithole?

Last week President Trump ignited a firestorm when, in a meeting with members of Congress in the White House, he allegedly referred to certain immigrants as coming from “shithole countries,” speaking in part about countries in Africa with predominantly black citizens. He also suggested that we need more immigrants from places like Norway, which he would no doubt claim has nothing to do with the fact that Norway is full of people with blonde hair, blue eyes and peaches-and-cream complexions.

There has been considerable discussion about the issue ever since. Some in the White House claim he said “shithouse” not “shithole.” (Which begs the question: Is that any better?)

Some claim that he didn’t say it. Even the president issued a rather weak denial, suggesting that he used strong words but that the claim that he said those words was simply not true.

The problem?

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