It’s Not Ok

Women around the world and even in the U.S. are treated as second-class citizens by powerful men. Enough is enough.

U.S. News & World Report:¬†It’s Not OK

Over the weekend, during a visit by President and Mrs. Trump to Saudi Arabia, members of his family and administration participated in events purporting to empower women (although the Saudi women in attendance were accompanied by male ‘chaperones’ as is required by Saudi law). They accepted a commitment of $100 million dollars toward a women’s empowerment program sponsored by the World Bank and Ivanka Trump. A financial commitment that is laughable given that Saudi Arabia still requires women to keep their bodies and heads covered when going out in public. Saudi Arabia also practices segregation of women when it comes to entering many public places and restaurants. It prohibits women from driving. And in a Saudi court of law, the testimony of two women is required to equal that of one man. Read More