MSNBC: Can Ted Cruz gain national support?

Ted Cruz’s fundraising numbers are up and could gain support by attacking the budget deal, but he’s still polling in single digits nationally. Was it a good or bad day for Ted Cruz? David Catanese, Katie Packer Gage and Jamal Simmons weigh in.

MSNBC: Trump’s intemperate blurting offers advantage to Fiorina, Carson

Katie Packer Gage, Romney 2012 deputy campaign manager, talks with Ari Melber about Carly Fiorina’s response to Donald Trump criticizing her appearance, and how Republican candidates like Fiorina and Ben Carson can use Donald Trump’s attention-getting statements against him.

CNBC: Don’t count Donald Trump out yet

Jared Bernstein, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and Katie Packer Gage, Burning Glass Consulting, discuss whether it’s time to begin taking Donald Trump more seriously as he continues to eclipse his political opponents.

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