Grrrl. If you’re not for Hillary, you’re SEXIST.

By Christine Matthews


Hillary Clinton Supporter and Pajiba Features Editor Courtney Enlow has unleashed a primal scream on behalf of her candidate which has touched a nerve and, at last glance, generated over 7,000 comments (which, of course, no sane person should read) and a flood of Go Girl! tweets from female Hillary supporters.

Ms. Enlow expresses her thoughts in all CAPS and drops the F-bomb liberally which must have been extremely cathartic. After re-reading her screed, it seems her basic point is that she is mad, very mad, that Democratic voters don’t all love Hillary Clinton and that it is completely unfair because she is a woman and female politicians are constrained in ways that male politicians aren’t. In other words: SHE IS DOING THE BEST SHE CAN!! CAN’T YOU SEE THAT? STOP YOUR SEXIST HATING ON HER.
Here is a summary of the arguments Ms. Enlow seems to be making about Hillary Clinton’s struggle vis-a-vis Bernie Sanders:  Read More