CNN: Hilary Clinton’s Gender Tightrope

Nia-Malika Henderson

It’s the mistake that Hillary Clinton won’t make again: ignoring her gender.

The low-key video she released on Sunday announcing her run for the White House is filled with women — young, old, black, white, Asian and Latina — working in their gardens, taking care of their kids and getting ready for life in the working world.

Clinton, who made herself the center of her campaign announcement in 2007, is barely in the video at all, appearing at the end as a kind of everywoman whose story and fight could be folded in with all the others.

“I’m getting ready to do something, too. I’m running for president,” Clinton said in the video. “Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion — so you can do more than just get by — you can get ahead.”

Clinton often says there’s no better time in history to be born female than the present. She’s now betting that there is no better time for her to make history as the nation’s first woman president.

The challenge for Clinton in breaking the “highest, hardest glass ceiling” that she described in 2008 is laying out a precise campaign vision that connects with all voters, while generating excitement and anticipation over the possibility of making history.

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