What We Do

Campaign Management

Burning Glass’ leadership team has an extensive and successful track record in managing large-scale public opinion campaigns in both the political and corporate settings. We work closely with clients to create wholly customized campaign strategies, and then oversee and execute the entirety of the public affairs programs we craft in concert with our clients.

We’ll work with you to come up with the right ideas and strategic approaches—and then we’ll make them come to life.

Our campaign management offerings include:

  • Research: we test messages to determine most effective communication to all relevant audiences;
  • Campaign Targets: we collaborate to determine whom and where the campaign needs to apply pressure;
  • Grassroots: we engage local in-state operatives to activate specialized local campaigns that include grasstops and grassroots activities, including local earned and social media engagements;
  • Media: we amplify the public awareness of the campaign through national media outreach via campaign war rooms.

We’ve helped clients ranging from nationwide trade associations and political committees to Fortune 500 companies, political campaigns, and interest groups of all kinds, to craft campaigns that generate organic and self-sustaining support for corporate, legislative, regulatory, or political goals.


In-State Grassroots Management

Our knowledge of local and in-state campaigns comes from decades of combined grassroots campaign management experience. We work with seasoned, skillful local operatives in every state and congressional district in the nation to deliver high-impact campaigns in both the political and corporate sectors.

Our team understands that having a large field network is critical to successfully deploying strategic grassroots campaigns. We continuously build our network in order to have the most robust, targeted matrix of local operatives in the marketplace.

Our grassroots management services range from supervising grasstops contacts to targeted social media campaigns—and everything in between.

We know that every target is different. There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to outreach campaigns.

We provide individualized strategies for each target to maximize education and engagement opportunities and garner both the necessary volume—and the right kind—of media attention.