Our Niche

Women’s voices matter. Are you listening?

Burning Glass Consulting has a special niche—helping political and corporate clients effectively communicate with women. Our female-focused strategies and tactics are designed with one question in mind: “How would we do this if women were our only audience, the only voters, or the only ones buying our clients’ products?”

We can help any group—private sector companies, campaigns, party organizations, and other consultants—better understand, communicate with, and win-over women.

Ultimately, we help our clients win the support of women, so they can win overall—whether by better positioning a brand in the marketplace or achieving legislative goals on Capitol Hill.


Women Are Not A Coalition Group…

And We Recognize That

Burning Glass Consulting understands that women are not a monolithic, or singularly important, coalition group.

To run successful campaigns, it is necessary to engage with the full population spectrum, and requires a sophisticated approach to all kinds of target audiences. However, we believe that heretofore women have been a largely untapped resources for such campaigns. And our goal is to make sure our clients connect with and successfully engage this half of our population.